Organization Combines Experienced Racers, Car Builders, and Marketers

Salt Lake City, UT — Utah Business man and long time racer Justin Peck officially announced the launch of RACEPRO TECHNOLOGIES (RACEPRO TECH) from their new headquarters near Salt Lake City (UT).  The team plans to compete in both short course and desert off road racing.  They will also provide race car fabrication, design and prep services.  RACEPRO TECH has acquired veteran car builder and off road racer Jason Horsley, who will lead the team’s competitive efforts and manage the day to day operations of the team.  Peck will compete as a driver/owner in the full schedule of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Short Course Series, where he will pilot a Pro-Lite Truck. Dave Mason Jr. has also been announced as a full time driver for the team and will compete in the Pro-Buggy division of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.  In Desert Racing, RACEPRO TECH will field a 6100 Class (#6149) and 7200 Class Truck in the Best in the Desert Series.

Justin Peck is a back to back series champion in off road motorcycles, a four time USRA series champion, and a national winner in The Challenge of America’s series.  He’s also a successful business owner with a creative mind and a bold vision for RACEPRO TECH’s future.  Peck quietly entered off road races last year as a personal challenge and way to escape his day to day business. But he couldn’t help but turn his hobby into his newest business venture.  “I’ve been getting pulled towards off road racing for a long time.  Last year I entered The Lucas Oil Off Road Series knowing virtually no one and felt that given my 22 years of racing experience, I could learn the technique of off road, and ultimately become a driving force in the sport,” said Peck.

“I have always felt that anything in life worth doing, is worth over-doing, and knew that the commitment to my new sport would be something that could also inspire others to live their dream, added Peck.  “There were some key people like Jason [Horsley] and Dave [Mason] who reached out and helped me tremendously.  As the year progressed I started to see business opportunities in off road.  I believe that we are putting together the right team of people with a shared work ethic and vision that will drive value not only to RACEPRO TECH, but to the off road industry overall.  We are excited to introduce new ideas both on and off the track.”

Dave Mason Jr. and his family run team Mason Off Road had several options heading into the 2015 season, but the offer from Peck to form a joint-venture with RACEPRO TECH was an opportunity to build a long term future in off road racing.  Dave Mason Jr. loaded up his race car and has moved from California to RACEPRO TECH’s Utah facility, where he will be a full-time driver and crew member of the team.  “We’ve had some decisions to make this off season about our direction in racing and for me personally, but in the end it was a clear choice on a lot of levels to join RACEPRO TECH,” said Mason.                 “We’ve been running our own family team for a while.  It was tough to leave family, friends and make the move, but Justin [Peck] is giving me a tremendous opportunity to be part of something bigger and with a longer term vision.  I know they looked at other drivers before signing me and I am honored to have the opportunity. I can’t thank them enough for placing the confidence in me as a driver and member of the team’s crew.”

“They aren’t messing around,” added Mason.  “The day I arrived in Utah, we had the car already torn down and preparations have begun for 2015.  The new RACEPRO TECH shop is full of amazing resources we never had before and I can’t wait to get on the track this year.”

RACEPRO TECH has also launched a new website and will be announcing more about their upcoming racer services and fan experiences throughout the year.

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RACEPRO TECH is a provider of high performance competitive race cars, prep services and action packed entertainment marketing solutions.  RACEPRO TECH is headquartered in Sandy, UT,  near Salt Lake City and Miller Motorsports Park.  The team competes and services racers in both short course and desert off road racing in and around Nevada, Utah, California and Arizona.  For more about RACEPRO TECH visit: